Rental Wheelchair İstanbul Turkey

Rental Wheelchair İstanbul Turkey

Since 2010, our company has been operating in Istanbul in the field of medical health since it has a wide variety of wheelchairs and serves according to the needs of all individuals.

In addition to our rental service, our company also provides the sale and service of all medical and medical products to all individuals in need of medical assistance and support at home, at work, at the hotel and in many places and provides the comfort of all our customers with the best medical equipment products.

We are constantly developing and growing in order to ensure the peace of mind and satisfaction of our loved ones. Our main aim is to provide you with quality service, to help you to improve and to improve your quality of life.

It is one of our most important duties to make the holidays as comfortable and high-quality as possible.

Besides wheelchairs, breathing difficulties are also available for oxygen concentrators and other products.

Our company offers a wide variety of rental wheelchairs according to the needs of people with a wide range of products.

All our rental wheelchairs in our company are foldable and can fit on cars, buses, trains and all other vehicles. After meeting with our company, the type of chair determined according to your needs is delivered to the address you have specified.

You will be able to follow all the activities you have planned and planned during the holiday with the rental wheelchair that suits you.

How Can We Rent a Wheelchair?

Get in touch with our company and select the product you want to determine according to your medical needs with our team of experts.
Learn about the availability of the product
Set your rental period
Learn about the cost after deciding
Forward your address information
As soon as the wheelchair is delivered to the address, the designated payment is delivered to the concerned persons in cash.
Our team will be taken from your address
Except for all these, you can inform the team that is looking at the related unit when you want to extend the time.
In case of damage to the product by reporting to our team by notifying the damage to the address is determined by the damage is determined, the damage price is provided by the customer and replaced with new products.

Rental Wheelchair Types

Our kind of wheelchairs are determined according to your needs. While the products that our team will offer to you during the rental period, each chair has a different price range.

Our manual wheelchairs are products used by our short or long term customers who have more arm strength.
Our manual foot lifts are products that can be used in short term periods, broken or injured, or used in long term times.
Cordless wheelchairs are the products that cannot use the leg and arm strength and which provide convenience to the companion; they are also suitable for people who are not able to use leg strength in the short and long term but who do not suffer from arm problems.

Wheelchair Rental Service For Rent From Abroad

Guests coming to Istanbul from abroad, whether at home or in the hotel will provide accommodation before coming to the chair to be ready and wants to plan. In this case, before coming to Istanbul by contacting our company (Mail, Whatsapp, Telephone, etc.) you have the possibility to reserve the chair in advance.

For example; If you stay in a hotel from England to Istanbul, our guests will be able to determine the day and time of the chair to be there at that time. In this case, the chair will be reached before you arrive before the hotel. After the end of the determined lease period, the chair will be taken back from the same hotel.

For other medical products we offer, you can click here or you can contact our company hizmeti
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